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Ethnic Hoodie bear claw

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Overall NTVES Hoodies, offer a stylish and meaningful way to celebrate cultural diversity, express individuality, and support native communities through fashion.


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NTVES Ethnic hoodies are a unique style of hoodie that incorporates cultural or ethnic-inspired designs, patterns, and motifs into their aesthetics. These hoodies often draw inspiration from traditional clothing, symbols, and art forms from native cultures.

Cultural Influence: Ethnic hoodies celebrate cultural diversity and heritage. These designs can be inspired by native cultures, iconic symbols associated with the contemporary life

Patterns and Motifs: Ethnic hoodies feature a wide range of patterns and motifs, including geometric shapes, tribal prints, animal motifs, traditional textiles, and symbolic icons. These patterns often have deep cultural significance and may convey stories, rituals, or beliefs of the native culture they represent.

Colors and Textures: Ethnic hoodies embrace vibrant colors, earthy tones, and rich textures that reflect the cultural aesthetics of the communities they draw inspiration from. These colors and textures may be derived from natural dyes, traditional fabrics, or symbolic meanings associated with specific hues.

Artisanal Craftsmanship: This ethnic hoodies showcase artisanal craftsmanship and traditional techniques, such as hand weaving, embroidery, These techniques add authenticity and uniqueness to the hoodies, highlighting the skilled craftsmanship of indigenous kichwas artisans.

Modern Interpretation: While ethnic hoodies pay homage to traditional designs and craftsmanship, they are often reinterpreted in contemporary styles and silhouettes. This fusion of traditional and modern elements creates a fresh and dynamic look that appeals to a diverse audience.


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