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Coat West wind qamya (long)

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Overall, NTVES coats from kichwa Nation offer a combination of luxury, warmth, and cultural heritage


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NTVES Coats, handmade & design by Lizbeth Kowii, from Kichwa Nation (indigenous tribe from Ecuador) are exquisite outerwear garments made from the fleece of natural fiber & alpaca, which are from the Andean regions of South America, particularly from Imbabura – Otavalo.

Warmth and Insulation: NTVES Coats, has excellent insulation properties, providing warmth without added bulk. NTVES coats are ideal for cold climates and inclement weather, as they trap heat close to the body while remaining breathable and lightweight.

Natural Colors and Patterns: NTVES coats often showcase the natural colors of alpaca fleece, which range from creamy whites and soft browns to rich grays and deep blacks. Some coats may feature traditional Andean patterns or designs inspired by indigenous textiles, adding a unique cultural touch to the garment.

Cultural Heritage: NTVES coats are deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Andean communities, where alpacas, sheep have been raised for their fiber for thousands of years. The craftsmanship and techniques used to produce these coats often reflect traditional Andean textile traditions, preserving Native Kichwa heritage and supporting local artisans.


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